How to enable FULL GRAPHICS on ASPHALT 7

How to enable FULL GRAPHICS on ASPHALT 7

Asphalt 7: Heat

This mod is for those that don`t have a Samsung S2/S3 or other high end device and the game graphics are crap!
This tutorial will show you how to play Asphalt 7 with High Graphics.

Now let`s see how to enable FULL GRAPHICS on ASPHALT 7:

  • First download DEVICECONFIG.rar file from: HERE
  • Unzip the attached file, this will give you a file called deviceconfig.xml
  • Go on your phone to sdcard/ android/ obb/ is where ASPHALT 7 game is located)
  • Change the file to .zip
  • Now open the file.
  • In here go to folder data/ deviceconfig
  • Replace the file deviceConfig.xml  with the one you downloaded.
  • Change back the back to .obb 

Enjoy the game with nice detailed graphics!

On some device an overclock will be needed for the game to be smooth,otherwise it will lag. 


5 comentarii:

  1. works with 1.0.1 version? I dont have obb file but in Android/data

  2. yes it will work,what you have is the extracted obb,just find data/deviceconfig folder and replace the file with the one you downloaded

  3. I dont have file data in Android/obb but in Android/data

  4. okk so go to android/data/whereasphalt7is/ and find the data/deviceconfig folder

  5. i have asphalt 7 1.0.6 but it is not not replacing the previous device config file. i have tried several methods. please suggest me how to do that