Freestyle Baseball

Freestyle Baseball

FREESTYLE BASEBALL gives the sport a new, stylish attitude and it’s fast-paced game design is perfect for those with an action addiction.
FREESTYLE BASEBALL brings baseball to a gritty urban environment, and foregoes the stadium for the street. Instead of famous names and jerseys, players can expect to face off against a slew of opponents who ooze style, while players design their own character to compete — both in terms of fashion and field domination.
  • MULTI-PLAYER MODE:Show off your skills by battling real-life opponents in real-time, wagering your skills against their battle points to boost your reputation and buy new bling in the shop.
  • SINGLE PLAYER MODE:Face off against Wannabat’s own star NPCs, defeating each one to gain skill points, advance levels, and unlock special items in the shop. As each NPC is defeated, their character becomes unlocked in the custom game mode.
  • CUSTOM GAME MODE:Hone your skills against NPCs in custom game mode. As each is unlocked, you’ll gain valuable practice time and have a perfect pick-up-and-play option available anytime the mood to strike out a batter strikes you!
  • FLAWLESS GAME DESIGN & RESPONSIVE MECHANICS:Switch off batting and pitching every other inning, and refine your skills at both. Simple game mechanics make learning Wannabat easy, but it’s going to take talent to rule the street!
  • SPECIAL SKILLS:Use your skill points to improve your swings and pitches, and acquire new specialized moves to stump your opponents. As you progress, special Deadly Skills will become available when adrenaline runs high and the rage gauge fills. As a pitcher, add new pitches to your arsenal: fourseam, curve, fork, changeup, and slider. Combine them with deadly moves like twister, illusion, and arrow to become unstoppable. When batting, activate your power swing to up your chances of a well-placed hit becoming a game-changing home run!


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