World War Z for Android

[NEW ANDROID GAME] World War Z for Android

World War Z is a new android game brought to you by Phosphor Games(Horn,The Dark Meadow) and is available for download on Google Play.The game is based on  the upcoming movie WORLD WAR Z of course.
World War Z is a FPS zombie shooter that brings changes to the traditionally control scheme.
For one thing, there's no 'shoot' button. As long as your crosshairs are aimed over a zombie's fleshy bits you'll automatically fire. Plus, when the undead crawl out of the woodwork, you stop dead and can't move from the spot.
This gives you a chance to concentrate on aiming, and means World War Z doesn't fall into the finger-fumbling mess of shooters with virtual joysticks and triggers.

World War Z


  • Action-packed story-based game 
  • Choose between different control schemes to suite your playstyle
  • Over a dozen upgradeable weapons
  • Listen to radio broadcasts and answering machines and read emails of other survivors
  • Replayable challenge mode
  • Chilling tense atmosphere
  • Multiple forms of combat including hand-to-hand and ranged shooting
  • Zombie Hordes


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