Pocket Trucks for Android

[NEW ANDROID GAME] Pocket Trucks for Android

Pocket Trucks is a new physics-based racing game available for Android and it`s FREE on Google Play. POCKET TRUCKS will take you on a variety of racing events that range from time trials and trick modes to races against other trucks. There are many power-ups packed into the 38 custom tracks that take place in 15 different themes. If you are a fan of racing games,you will definitely get a kick out of this title.
Pocket Trucks features on-screen buttons,you can control the truck by the left and right arrows on the right side of the screen. Holding down these buttons moves the truck either forwards or backwards. The rotate buttons on the left allow players to do front or back flips as well as help stabilize their truck. When power-ups are picked up in the small trinket boxes, the buttons appear above the rotate options. The power-up must be tapped on at the right time, otherwise players may crash to their death or come in last place.

Pocket Trucks


  • Awesome physics-based racing gameplay, featuring 38 custom tracks in 15 different themes, rendered in beautiful 3D 
  • Customize and upgrade 8 different vehicles from the Buggy to the Ancient Catapult. 
  • Master all the gameplay types: Racing, Time Trial, Collecting Items, Performing Tricks, or Bomb Escort! 
  • Collect all the stars, secrets and car customizations 
  • Learn all the tricks! 
  • Enjoy the beautiful retro-style soundtrack 
  • Compete on the Leaderboards and win all the achievements! 
  • Check out the new autopilot feature!


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