[NEW GAME]Protoxide: Death Race

[NEW GAME]Protoxide: Death Race

The new game from  Herocraft :Protoxide: Death Race is a 3D combat racing game set in a futuristic world where basically the world as become a much more anarchy filled place and most disputes are now dealt with by holding these death races.
Various modes of «Protoxide: Death Race» give you a chance to try yourself in a high-speed competition, or begin a battle on tracks and concentrate on destroying your enemies or investigate the dying world in details, completing a single campaign mode. And a multiplayer mode will connect all the fans of auto-wars all over the world in one violent massacre.

Protoxide: Death Race


  • 4 single player modes
  • Alljoyn P2P multiplayer
  • 12 battle war-gliders each one with unique characteristics
  • campaign with an exciting story
  • 16 outstanding tracks 
  • 4 unique types of ingame locations
  • high-quality 3D graphics


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