[NEW ANDROID GAME]Slingshot Racing

[NEW ANDROID GAME]Slingshot Racing

From the creators of  Paper Monsters and Aralon: Sword and Shadow comes a new racing game :SLINGSHOT RACING!
Slingshot Racing is not just another top-down racing game. What makes this particular racing game a bit different,is the fact you can use a grappling hook to slingshot your car around corners. Of course this means you have to improve your grappling hook skills in order to slingshot yourself around corners better.
Just like the game tutorial will show you:Don`t touch the towers,keep touching the corner of the screen as long as you want the grip to last.

Slingshot Racing


  • Career mode with 80 races and different objectives and settings.
  • Super addictive gameplay 
  • Revolutionary controls, easy to pickup and difficult to master 
  • Stunning graphics with gorgeous 3D effects, shadows, and particle systems 
  • 4 player simultaneous play on one device! Play against your whole family! 
  • Tweet or Post your high scores on Facebook


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