[NEW GAME]Zombies & Trains!

[NEW GAME]Zombies & Trains!

Zombies & Trains! is the answer is you would ever think of combining zombies and trains.
The result is  puddles of splattered blood everywhere and that is pretty much what you will get in this new named Zombies & Trains!
Welcome to the arena!This new zombies game is quite different because instead of using guns, grenades and handheld blunt objects to kill zombies with, you will be using trains, big trains. With these trains, along with a variety of power-ups, you will be plowing through waves and waves of the undead.

Zombies & Trains!

Zombies & Trains! FEATURES:

  • Addictive arcade action!
  • 4 awesome game modes.
  • Acquire powerful upgrades, equipment and power-ups!
  • Simple pick-up-and-play controls.
  • And more!

DOWNLOAD Zombies & Trains! :HERE

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